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Zico Unveils Affordable Cradle for SCBA and Extinguishers


YARDLEY, PA—Store spare SCBA cylinders, water cans, and fire extinguishers with Zico’s heavy-duty molded-plastic cradles. Two models are available:

The Plastic Air Cylinder Cradle with Valve Strap, Model QS-PC-VS, features a rugged nylon valve strap that can be bolted nearby, looping around the cylinder neck for added security. Ideal for storing cylinders in wheel well compartments without needing expensive custom metal fabrication.

The Plastic Air Cylinder Cradle with Tie-Down Strap utilizes Zico’s heavy-duty Tie-Down Strap which loops around the cylinder and cradle with an easy-release buckle for security and speed. Great for use on compartment shelves and more economical that custom-made storage options.

Cradle is a single piece of high-quality, easy-to-clean molded plastic. Mounts to virtually any horizontal flat surface. Store multiple cylinders side by side!

For more information, visit www.ziamatic.com.

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