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10 Reasons Why You Should Use CAFS

By Waterous Staff While compressed-air foam systems (CAFS) have their roots in wildland fire operations, the technology has proved to be a revolutionary breakthrough in structural firefighting. What follows is a thumbnail sketch of the advantages found in deploying CAFS ...

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NFPA 1901: Estimated In-Service Weight

By Bill Adams This is a follow-up to my February 2016 posting titled “NFPA 1901 and Certifications.” As previously mentioned, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1901, Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, requires the submission of a multitude of certifications and ...

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Mounting in the Fire Apparatus Cab

By Ricky Riley I recently did a Webcast with Senior Editor Chris Mc Loone concerning seating configurations in an apparatus cab. We talk a lot about the equipment that fire departments mount in apparatus cabs. The equipment that is allowed ...

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The Rig: Using Dead Space

By Ricky Riley This month I’m taking a look at the area behind the crew cab doors on a number of fire apparatus. For some time, this space has gone unused, thus being wasted space on your apparatus. More recently, ...

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The Rig: More on Fire Apparatus Dimensions

By Bill Adams Specific dimensional requirements in fire apparatus purchasing specifications can be construed as operational or proprietary. I believe operational dimensions are essential and justifiable. Specifying the maximum overall height, width, and length of a new rig is a ...

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